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Amateur Series Season 1 CIS

Amateur Series Season 1 CIS

  • Dates: Sep 25 - Nov 25
  • Prize pool: $3,000

StarLadder Amateur Series CIS

Третий этап
  • Групповой этап
  • Второй этап
  • 128/128
  • Europe East

1 place:

Cis Se7en Pride

2 place:


4 place:

Cis Ophidium
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PUBG Amateur Series
Official tournament rules

1. Introduction

          StarLadder PUBG Amateur Series  is the first division of StarLadder PUBG League, launched by StarLadder Limited (legal address: Unit F, 11 Floor, CNT Tower, 338 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong).

          StarLadder PUBG League consists of the following divisions:
-Amateur Series,
-Semi-pro Series,
-Ultimate Series,


          Upon completion of each season there is a rotation of teams among the divisions in the following order:

          1) the best teams of the Amateur Series (64 teams in the first season, 48 in the second season, 38 in the following) advance to the Semi-pro Series, the remaining teams are eliminated, with a possibility of registration for the next season.
          2) the best teams of the Semi-pro Series (16 teams in the first season, 10 in the second and subsequent seasons) advance to the Ultimate Series. Teams that upon the completion of the season will take places from 17th to 32nd place(from 11th to 26th place in the second and subsequent seasons), will retain their slots in the Semi-pro Series. The remaining teams are eliminated, with a possibility of registration for the next season of the Amateur Series.
          3) Six of the best teams of the Ultimate Series teams will keep their slots in the division, and the teams that took from the 7th to 16th place go down to the Semi-pro Series.

2. Some definitions

League - a group of teams, roughly equal in skills that are competing with each other.   

Organizer - Starladder, any person involved in the provision or recharge of prizes, and any other person involved in the implementation, conduct or management of the tournament, in whole or in part.

Captain - is one of the players in each team who will represent and be responsible for communicating with the Administration on behalf of other Players from the Team or the Team as a whole related to the Tournament.

Team - is a group of players united by common goals and interests.

Team representative - is a person who represents the interests of the team to the Tournament Organizer.

Judicial Board - persons appointed by the Tournament Organizer to conduct the competition.

Chief Referee - is the person who directs the work of the jury and solves all issues related to the course of the competition.

Match – a tournament game among several teams, which may include several rounds.

Division - a set of teams, united by the class of skills.

Season - a full cycle of tournaments held in all divisions within a specific time period.

Off-season - is the time interval between two seasons.

Standings - a table with an assessment of the current tournament position of tournament participants.

3. Official site of the tournament

          3.1. Official site of the tournament: All official information about the tournament (which may affect the rights and obligations of participants) is published on this site. Published information on the site comes into force 24 hours after the publication, but may be disputed through the agreed communication channels with the representatives of the Tournament Organizer (see paragraph 9 of this Regulation). Information about this tournament, presented on other sites (including other StarLadder sites), partner resources, etc., is not official in the understanding of this Regulation and may differ from the official information. Therefore, the organizer is not responsible for the accuracy of information about the tournament, which is published on other sites, except

          3.2. Organization and conduct of the tournament is handled by the Judicial Board, which takes decisions in accordance with these rules. If the situation is not described in the rules, the Chief Referee of the tournament can make a decision at his discretion, if it guarantees fair play.

          3.3. The organizer has non-exclusive rights to sound, images, including but not limited to the use of persons and names inclusive: the right to quote, copy, use, including, but not limited to, promotional / advertising purposes / show program announcements; reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, display, distribute, broadcast and transmit voice and image including, without limitation, names in any form without prior notice or any other compensation in any form to the contestant and / or the player. The participant confirms, among other things, that he allows the Organizer to use the image to create a show program and use advertising or other photo, video, television, and other materials within the production framework that will not damage the image of the participant. The organizer must have the rights to manufacture, distribute and use the materials described above on the territory of all countries without exception and not limited by the time of use.

          3.4. Taking part in any of the activities of the tournament cycle, the participant agrees to comply with this regulation and tournament rules, and agrees that in case of violation of the rules, he personally, and his team can be disqualified from the tournament.

          3.5. By the organizers of the tournament is allocated Discord-server for all official messages during the tournament. Players must ensure that their Discord usernames are the same as their game client nicknames. A link to the discord server will be published on the tournament page at

          3.6. To participate in the tournament it is necessary (obligations of the participants):

● to have an active and unlimited PUBG account.
● to register on and to activate the game account. To make sure that the game nickname coincides with the game nickname specified on the site when registering.
● the game nickname should correspond to the norms of ethics and morality, not contain abusive words, racial insults, etc. Players are not allowed to use sponsors in the nickname, advertise bookmaking or other "gaming" sites. The tournament organizer may request to change the game nickname in case it contradicts the rules and regulations of the tournament.
● to register a team to participate in the tournament.
● the team captain must confirm his participation in the tournament at by clicking on the appropriate button in the tournament profile. To have an access to the Discord server provided by the organizer.
● all competitors must be of legal age in the country in which they live. If you are a minor, you must provide your parents or guardian with the text of this Regulation for familiarization and obtaining from them a consent and a permission to participate in the Tournament.
● the tournament organizer at any time has a right  require the participants' confirmation of their age or citizenship by providing documents that are guaranteed to prove the right to participate, including photo and scan images of the passport.
● the players are required to use only real accounts. Using someone else's accounts can lead to a ban.

          3.7. The participants are forming the team of the European region’s representatives.

A list of countries that belong to the European region:
● Albania
● Andorra
● Austria
● Belgium
● Bosnia and Herzegovina
● Bulgaria
● Channel Islands
● Croatia
● Cyprus
● Czech Republic
● Denmark
● Estonia
● Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
● Faroe Islands
● Finland
● France
● Germany
● Gibraltar
● Greece
● Greenland
● Hungary
● Iceland
● Ireland
● Isle of Man
● Israel
● Italy
● Latvia
● Liechtenstein
● Lithuania
● Luxembourg
● Macedonia
● Malta
● Monaco
● Montenegro
● Netherlands
● Norway
● Poland
● Portugal
● Romania
● San Marino
● Serbia
● Slovakia
● Slovenia
● Spain
● St. Helena
● Svalbard and Jan Mayen
● Sweden
● Switzerland
● Turkey
● United Kingdom
● Vatican City

          3.8. The player can be declared in the lineup of only one team within the same season. In the case it is discovered that a player has participated or participates in more than one team or in another region within the same season, his team will be disqualified.

          3.9. Reshaffles are allowed only within the lineup declared by the team. Replacements in the lineup are allowed only during the off-season, but not more than 50 (fifty) percent of the lineup declared for the tournament. Otherwise, the team will lose all earned achievements.

4. Structure of the tournament

          4.1 The tournament is held in 3 stages. All attending teams are divided into groups of 16 teams by random seeding.
          1st stage: each group plays a series of 4 matches (BO-4). Maps (Erangel, Miramar, Erangel, Miramar). Following the outcome of this series, 8 of the best  teams in the standings of each group will advance to the 2nd stage.
          2nd stage: each group plays a series of 6 matches (BO-6). Maps (Erangel, Miramar, Erangel, Miramar, Erangel, Miramar). Following the outcome of this series, 8 of the best teams in the standings of each group will advance to the 3rd stage.
          3rd stage: each group plays a series of 8 matches (BO-8). Maps (Erangel, Miramar, Erangel, Miramar, Erangel, Miramar, Erangel, Miramar). Following the outcome of this series, 8 of the best  teams in the standings of each group will reach the StarLadder Semi-pro Series.

          4.2. Prize pool

A prize pool of the Amateur Series is amounted to $3,000 USD. The prize pool is distributed as follows:

                                                                  1st place $800$ USD
                                                                  2nd place $500$ USD
                                                                  3rd place $450$ USD
                                                                  4th place $350$ USD
                                                                  5th place $300$ USD
                                                                  6th place $300$ USD
                                                                  7th place $150$ USD
                                                                  8th place $150$ USD

Prize-winning places will be determined from the rating of the list of participants of 64 teams (the third round), the top 8 teams, following the results of 8 matches, with a large number of points will receive prizes.

5. Server settings and game information.

          5.1. Lobby settings

          5.2. Changes in settings.
The organizer reserves the right to change the settings of the lobby, in a case that, for certain reasons, there are obstacles to the tournament to be held at the settings stated in the regulations.

6. Results of the match and scoring

          6.1. The position in the group is determined by the sum of points scored for all matches. The sum of points are the points scored for killing + the points scored for the placement in each match.

          6.2. The number of points for the placement in the match

                                                                          1. 225 points
                                                                          2. 180 points
                                                                          3. 150 points
                                                                          4. 125 points
                                                                          5. 100 points
                                                                          6. 80 points
                                                                          7. 75 points
                                                                          8. 60 points
                                                                          9. 50 points
                                                                          10. 40 points
                                                                          11. 30 points
                                                                          12. 25 points
                                                                          13. 20 points
                                                                          14. 15 points
                                                                          15. 10 points
                                                                          16. 5 points

          6.3. The number of points for kills. Each kill brings the team 7 points.

          6.4. In the event that two or more teams have an equal number of points, the places are distributed according to the following indicators:

a) The number of the first places that were secured;

b) The number of klls;

c) The number of the first three places occupied in the matches of series .

In this case 1st place = 3 points, 2nd place = 2 points, 3rd place = 1 point;

d) The average place occupied by the outcome of all games.

7. Start of the match, obligations of the teams, technical problems

          7.1. All games are played with the use of platform. In 15 minutes before the start of the match on the page of your group will be published the name and password of the room, as well as the time of the match.

          7.2. Tournament organizers can initiate a restart of the Game or Match due to the exceptional circumstances, for example, if the bug significantly affects the ability of most of the Players to play or if the Game or Match is violated by a force majeure event or other event.

          7.3. The teams will have 10 minutes to enter the lobby. In 10 minutes, the game starts automatically. Teams that failed to enter the room in time will not be admitted to the match and will receive 0 points for the match.

          7.4. A team can start a match with three players if one of the players has problems. In case of failure of more than one person to appear, the team will receive a technical defeat in this match and 0 points in the standings.

          7.5. Each player in the team must turn on the option to record replays in the game settings. In case of suspicion, the tournament organizer has the right to request the provision of a demo-record from a particular player or from the whole team.

          7.6. In the event that one of the players is disconnected during the match, the team must continue the game in the lineup that it has left, if the player can not return to the game.

          7.7. In case the team found an error in the result of the match, it must provide replays of this game and notify the referees of the tournament.

          7.8. Restarting the server can only be initiated by the Judicial Board, in case of detection of technical problems that may affect the final result on the map.

          7.9. It is forbidden to transfer access to the game account, the password from the lobby or to attract people who are not involved in this match in other ways.

          7.10. Slots of Observers can be occupied only by representatives of, as well as streamers approved by the tournament organizer.

          7.11. Personal broadcasts of matches of the tournament with a set delay of at least 15 minutes are allowed.

          7.12. It is forbidden to use any programs that provide an advantage over other players or allow you to modify the game files.

          7.13. The use of any programs, including without exception, Reshade, SweetFX, VibranceGUI and other modifications not related to the client's game, as well as deleting files and other manipulations with the client will result in disqualification of the team.

          7.14. Use of game bugs is strictly forbidden.

          7.15. Using cheats for:

          ● viewing through walls

          ● reducing the spread

          ● auto-aiming and other programs giving an advantage over other teams will lead to disqualification.

8. Juvenile and Parental Control

          We are aware that the protection of information about minors entails special obligations. We will not intentionally collect and process any personal data of minors without the knowledge of their parents. In the context of this Regulation, the term minors refers to individuals under the age of 18 (or other minimum legal age for consenting to the collection and processing of personal data, if it differs according to applicable law).

          All users who are minors in the country in which they live (usually under the age of 18) must have the permission of the parents or guardian to participate in the Tournament. If you are a minor, you must provide your parents or guardian with the text of this Policy for reviewing and obtaining their consent and permission to participate in the Tournament.

          By participating in this Tournament, you acknowledge and warrant that you are a capable person who is of legal age in your country of residence or whose parent / guardian has read and agreed to this Regulations and Privacy Policy and StarLadder Cookies (

9. Communication with the referees.

          9.1. Referees of the tournament:

          ● Chief Referee: Konstantin “H4ku” Kiselev. Mail: [email protected].Discord: K.Kiselev#2997.

          ● Referee: Ivan “Spiritus” Izhevskyy. Mail: [email protected]Discord: I.Izhevskyy#2466.

          ● Referee: Yuriy “Zmeyk0” Petrukhnov. Mail: [email protected]Discord: Y.Petrukhnov#8859.

          9.2. All the decisions made by the referees of the tournament are final, but can be appealed within 24 hours with the help of a single form of communication with the Judicial Board.

The rules can be supplemented or changed. All situations that are not described in the rules will be interpreted at the discretion of the referee.