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PGS Berlin Open Qualifier: Europe West

PGS Berlin Open Qualifier: Europe West

  • Dates: Jan 27 - Feb 16

PGS Berlin: Europe West Open Qualifier

Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 3
  • Round 4
  • 275/512
  • Europe West


Discord ID: Y.Petrukhnov#8859

Referee notices

Currently, a lot of players are experiencing difficulties with Steam. Round 1 (Groups Y-AF) matches will be postponed to tomorrow.

Updated schedule:
- Round 1 (5 matches). Groups (Y-AF): 31.01, 19:00-24:00 CET Time.
- Round 2 (12 matches): 01.02-02.02 (6 matches per day), 19:00-01:00 CET time;
- Round 3 (12 matches): 03-04.02 (6 matches per day), 19:00-01:00 CET time;
- Round 4 (12 matches): 05-06.02 (6 matches per day), 19:00-01:00 CET time;


Reminder to all teams that both check-in and registration will end today at 19:00 CET.
After that time roster lock will take effect that means that only 4 players with "Main" role in the team will be able to play until the end of the Closed Qualifiers.  
Also, we recommend you to double-check that all of your players have verified status on the website otherwise they won't be able to join the lobby. If you experience any problems with that, feel free to contact Y.Petrukhnov#8859

Roster changes:
No roster changes are allowed including changing players from Substitute to Main or over way around.
Only in case of emergency situation you can request substitute which needs to be approved by vandersar#6630

Don't forget to turn on the replay recording in your game settings. Replays must be saved for 3 weeks after the games. 
How to find replay files: Press Win+R -> type %localappdata% -> go to TslGame/Saved/Demos -> Find the needed files thereby date
Only the last 20 replays are saved automatically by PUBG. So please save the replays in the separate folder after the end of the day

More information you can find in the rulebook: