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PCL - Europe West Additional Qualifiers

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  • 141/144
  • Europe West
  • 14 - PCL Add Qualifier Slots


The official rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) of the PUBG Contenders League - Europe West Additional Qualifiers (hereinafter referred to as the Additional Qualifiers) are applied to each of the teams that will play Additional Qualifiers.

These rules also refer to team owners, team managers, team members and other employees, but apply only to players of Additional Qualifiers, and not to any other competitions, tournaments or organized game from StarLadder Limited (hereinafter - StarLadder).


1.1. Control

The management of the process of carrying out Additional Qualifiers is carried out by the Judicial Committee (hereinafter - the Committee). The committee is formed by representatives of StarLadder (Organizer).

1.2. Official website of Additional Qualifiers

The official site is All information needed by players and fans is available on the website. Information on the site is considered processed 24 hours after its publication. Any news posted on other resources, partner sites, etc., are not official, and the information posted on these resources may differ from official reports. The committee is not responsible for such external information.

1.3. Rules for Additional Qualifiers

Organization and holding of Additional Qualifiers are carried out in accordance with these Rules, which specify the only way to conduct competitions.

These rules are intended solely to ensure a competitive balance between teams that are eligible to play in Additional Qualifiers. The definition of interaction conditions between team managers, team members and teams is provided to each of the teams and its managers/participants.

1.4. Referees decisions

The referees are the official representatives of the Committee, who are responsible for making decisions on each question related to the match, on each question and situation that occurs before, during and immediately after the match. Their supervision includes, but is not limited to: checking the roster of the team before the match; checking and monitoring the movement of players and the match zone; announcing the start, transfer, delay, replay of the match; the application of penalties in response to violations of the Rules during the match; confirmation of the end of the match and its results. All decisions of the referees are made in accordance with these Rules.

If the referee makes a wrong judgment and/or in the case of a situation not covered by these Rules, a decision may be made by the chief referee of the Tournament. The chief referee, at his own discretion, may evaluate the decision or independently make his own decision in order to guarantee a fair play in the Tournament.

If the team does not agree with the decision of the Judicial Committee, it has the right to appeal this decision within 24 hours from the date of publication. This can be done using Starladder BOT in a dedicated Discord channel.

1.4.1 Prohibition on disclosure of inside information

All communication between the Organizer and the Participants, including, in particular, protests, applications to the support service and other correspondence of the parties, cannot be published without the written permission of the Organizer.

1.5. By participating in this tournament, the participant agrees to follow this guide and the Tournament Rules and understands that their violations may cause the disqualification from the tournament.

1.6. To participate in Additional Qualifiers, each player must:

• have an active and unlimited version of the game PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS;
• be registered on the site Connect an active gaming profile and set a real gaming nickname;
• register a team of 4 members;
• The team captain must confirm his participation in the tournament at by clicking the corresponding button in the tournament profile in order to have access to the Discord server provided by the Organizer.

1.7. All participants must be over 18 years old. The organizer of the tournament has the right at any stage of qualifiers to require proof of citizenship and age of any player by providing a copy of the national passport.

1.8. Participants must form a team in accordance with a restrictive national rule. At least 3 active players from 4 must represent the Europe West subregion, and the remaining 1 may be from any other region and/or subregion.

The list of countries representing the European Western (Europe West) subregion:

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Faroe Islands, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Republic of Macedonia, Malta, Monaco Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

1.9. Players are eligible to participate in only one sub-regional qualifier. If the tournament organizer finds that any player takes part in other subregional qualifier, his team will be disqualified.

1.10. Changes in the roster are prohibited. The roster of the team is fixed after the end of the checkin for Additional Qualifications. Further, until the end of Additional Qualifiers, the team must continue to play with the lineup that was declared before the end of the chekin (the so-called Roster-Lock) The team must play with the lineup, with which they played the first match, during the whole tournament. Substitutions are prohibited. 

If a team is qualified in the PUBG Contenders League, it is entitled to replace no more than 25% of the current squad. Also If a team is qualified in the PUBG Contenders League, it is able to add to the roster 1(one) player as a substitute , to play in the next stage.

1.11. In cases where one organization or individual is an owner of several teams, only one of these teams will be eligible to participate in the open qualifying tournaments, the Contenders League and the PUBG Europe League. Before the start of the tournament, the organization must decide which team will participate in the tournament. All property conflicts must be resolved before the start of regional qualifiers.

2. Tournament information

2.1. Tournament format

Additional Qualifiers will be played in a Bo4 Play-Off grid (2 Erangel and 2 Miramar). All registered participants will be seeded in groups of 16 participants. After 4 games, the 8 best teams will advance to the second qualifying round according to the number of points and so on until 13 best teams remain in the tournament.

13 best teams will advance in PUBG Contenders League

2.2. Schedule of the Additional Qualifiers

From January 12 to 15, 2019 

3. Participants.

3.1. Number of teams

Additional Qualifiers may involve no more than 512 teams.

3.2. The terms of participation

3.2.1 Players can only use real accounts. Using fake accounts can be punished, and the player can be disqualified.

3.2.2 Players' nicknames must comply with ethical standards, and do not include expressions of any racist or offensive nature, obscene language, etc. Players may not place sponsor or bookmaker websites in a nickname or advertise a bookmaker in any other way.

3.3. Legal requirements

Immediately after the end of the online qualifiers (but no later than 72 hours after the end of the last match of the qualifiers), the winning teams are obliged to provide copies of passports or other documents confirming their age.

4. Server settings and game information

4.1. Server settings:

4.2. The version of the game

During the tournament, the current version of the game will be used.

5. Match results and points

5.1. Each team will take place in accordance with the number of points received in each match. The total number of points are points earned for a placement + kill points earned in each match.

5.2. Points distribution per place

400 points

330 points

280 points

240 points

210 points

180 points

150 points

120 points

100 points

80 points

60 points

40 points

30 points

20 points

10 points

0 points

5.3. Kill points

Each kill brings 16 points to the team.

5.4. If two or more teams have the same number of points, the places will be determined according to:

• The number of first places;
• Number of kills;
• The number of earned places in the Top 3 after all the games. The distribution of points in this case: 1st place - 3 points, 2nd place - 2 points, 3rd place - 1 point;
• Average place after all games.

6. Match kick-off, team commitments.

6.1. During Additional Qualifiers, all games will be played on 10 minutes before the start of the match on teams page will be indicated the name and the password for the lobby.

6.2. Each team will have 10 minutes to join the lobby. After 10 minutes the game will start automatically, and every player who could not join in time will miss this game. Teams that could not join on time will receive 0 points for this map. A team/player can request a match delay for no more than 2 minutes from the official start time. One match cannot be delayed by more than 2 minutes.

6.3. Each player must enable the “replay record” option in their client. In case of a tournament being paused, the organizer may ask for a replay of the game from the player or from entire team. Players must save all replays for at least 2 weeks after the end of each game.

6.4. If any player is disconnected during a match, the team may continue to play with players that are still in the game, even if the disconnected player cannot return to the game.

6.5. In case teams find an mistake in the standings after the match, they must provide a replay of the game to the referees.

6.6. Restarting the server can only be initiated by the referees if they understand that technical problems or another problem that has appeared on the server can affect the outcome of the map.

6.7. Team representatives are not allowed to provide access to the game account, password to the lobby, to the private discord channels to third parties who are not registered to participate in the tournament.

6.8. Observer slots can only be filled by StarLadder administrators, observers or streamers approved by the tournament committee.

6.9. All personal broadcasts are limited at any stage of the tournament without the consent of the main referee.

6.10. Players are not allowed to use any third-party software that can create an advantage for players and is limited to modifying game files.

6.11. The use of any third-party software: Reshade, SweetFX, VibranceGUI and other software that is not authorized by the game developer may result in disqualification of the team.

6.12. The usage of any game errors (bugs) is limited.

6.13. Usage of cheats:

• Esp
• Radar Hack
• Wallhack
• Recoil control
• Speedhack
• Aimhacks
• Teleportation
• Hitbox manipulation

Game file that removes grass or other aspects of the game

The usage of any software that gives a gaming advantage will lead to disqualification or ban such teams in PUBG and StarLadder events.

6.14. Unsportsmanlike behavior of a team or an individual player (timing, glitching, cheating, etc.) will lead to the disqualification of the team from the tournament, as well as the possible removal of this team from the following tournaments for a certain period.

6.15. If a tournament participant found a scam of another participant, he has the right to send a complaint against this participant using specially designated channels of communication with the Referee Committee (Discord).

When filing a complaint, all available evidence must be provided.

Evidence must be reasonable and objective. Complaints filed without proper evidence will not be considered.

7. Chief referee of the tournament and contacts

7.1. All decisions made by the refereeing team are final but can be appealed with the help of Starladder BOT in the dedicated Discord channel or through the contact email of the Referee Committee [email protected]

FAQ on using Starladder BOT you can find here.

@BOT - Artificial Intelligence, which aims to help participants with the most common questions.
In order to use the @BOT function, you need to find it in the list of server members (the role is fixed at the very top in the right corner, in the list of participants “online”), and to give it one of the following commands in the personal messages:
!request - with the help of this command you can ask a question that you have, which will automatically be sent to the referee
!request #esports - with the help of this command you can ask a question related to participation in the tournament.
!request #org - with the help of this command you can ask a question about the prize pool, as well as about the quality of work of SL employees.
!request #stream - with the help of this command you can ask your question about our official streams, as well as about organizing/conducting personal streams of our tournament.
!tournaments - with the help of this command you can find out information about current tournaments.
!matches - with the help of this command you can find out information about the current matches.
!site - using this command you will receive a link to our official website.
!nickname- with this command you will receive information regarding the change of nickname, or restoring access to your account.
!help - with this command you will get more detailed information on using the command !request.

Rules and Regulations could be changed change during the event. All situations not specified in the current document may be resolved at the discretion of the referees.