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PUBG Europe League Closed Qualifier

PUBG Europe League Closed Qualifier

  • Dates: Oct 10 - Dec 17
  • Prize pool: $0

PUBG Europe League — Europe West Qualifiers

Round 6
  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 3
  • Round 4
  • Round 5
  • 16/16
  • Europe West


The Official Rulebook (further - Regulations) of Open League (further - the League) applies to each of the Teams who will play the open qualifications.

These rules also apply to the Teams’ Owner/Team Managers & Team Members and other employees but apply only to the League play and not to other competitions, tournaments or organized play of StarLadder Limited (further - StarLadder).


1.1. Management
Management of holding the League is done by the League Committee (further Committee). Committee is formed by StarLadder (Organizer) representatives.

1.2. League official site

League official site is . All the information that players and fans need, is posted on the site. Information on the site is considered to be read in 24 hours after it was posted. Any news, posted on other resources, partner-sites, etc. is not official and information posted on this resources can be different from official announcements. League Committee is not responsible for such external information.

1.3. Regulations of holding the League

Organization and holding the League are carried according to these Regulations, which states the single way of holding the competition.
These Regulations are designed solely to ensure a competitive balance among the Teams who are qualified to play in the League. The terms of engagement between Team Managers, Team Members and Teams are left to each of the Teams and its Team Managers/Members.

1.4. Referees decisions

Referees are officials of the Committee who are responsible for making judgments on every match-related issue, question and situation which occurs before, during, and immediately following match play. Their oversight includes, but is not limited to: checking the team’s lineup before a match; checking and monitoring player peripherals and match areas; announcing the beginning of the match; ordering pause/resume during play; issuing penalties in response to Regulation violations during the match; confirming the end of the match and its results. All referee decisions are made according to this Regulation.

If a referee makes an incorrect judgment and/or in case of the situation not covered hereby the judgment can be made by a main referee of the Tournament. The main referee at his discretion may evaluate the decision or take his own decision on his own to guarantee a fair play in the Tournament.

1.4.1. Prohibition of disclosure of internal information

All communication between the Organizer and the Participants, including, in particular, protests, applications to the support service and other correspondence of the parties, cannot be published without the written permission of the Organizer. All published conversations, posted without written permission, what negatively affects Organizer's business reputation are strictly prohibited .


Each player undertakes to participate in each official games listed in the Official tournament schedule provided by the Organizers. Violations of this rule can become a disqualification reason for the whole Team from  further Tournament participation.

1.6. Upon taking part in any of the tournament activities, participant agreed to follow this rulebook and regulations of the tournament, and understand, that in case if violation player and his team can be disqualified from the tournament.

1.7. For taking part in the competition each player might have:

  • an active and not limited version of PUBG game;

  • being registered on site Connect active steam gaming profile and set real in-game nickname;

  • register team with 4 peoples taking part;

  • the team captain must confirm his participation in the tournament at by clicking on the appropriate button in the tournament profile. To have an access to the Discord server provided by the organizer.

1.8. All participants must be  18+ of age. Tournament organizer has the right on any step of qualification to ask to confirm citizenship and age of any player by providing national passport image.

1.9. Participants should form a squad according to the region lock rule No less than 3 active roster players out from 4 must represent an EMEA sub-region, and the other 1 can be from any other region and/or sub-region.

List of countries representing Europe West sub-region:

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Republic of Macedonia, Malta, Monaco Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia

Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

1.10. Players are eligible to take part only in one sub-regional qualifier. In case if tournament organizer will find, that any of the players took part in other sub-regional qualifier, his team will be disqualified.

1.11. Roster changes is forbidden. Starting from the first stage, whichever team member registered for in a 4 man-squad might be unchanged.

1.12. In cases where one organization or person has ownership in multiple teams, only one of those teams will be eligible to compete in Open qualifiers, Contenders League and PUBG Europe League. Before the start of the tournament, the organization should decide which team will participate in the tournament. All ownership conflicts will need to be resolved prior to Regional Qualifiers. This includes cases in which players have financial ties to other teams.

2. Tournament information

2.1. Tournament format

Tournament is divided into 2 stages - open qualifier (1st stage), closed LAN-qualifier (2nd stage).

2.1.1. First stage - open qualifiers tournament will be played in Play-Off bracket Bo4 format (2 Erangel and 2 Miramar). All registered participants will be seeded into groups with 16 participants in each. After 4 games, 8 best teams according to point ranking will proceed to second round of qualifier and so on until we will have 5 best teams left in the tournament .

2.1.2. Second stage - closed qualifier. 32 teams (16 invited teams and 16 from open qualifier) will be seeded into 2 groups according to their placements in the last stage of an open qualifier. In each group, 15 games will be played. Best 8 teams from each group will qualify for Finals, where they will play 15 games. After all games are finished, 10 best teams from Finals accord to point ranking will be invited into PUBG Europe League.

2.2. Tournament dates

From 3 to 6 November - open qualifier.

From 6 to 16 of December - closed qualifier.

3. Participants.

3.1. Amount of teams

An unlimited amount of teams will take part in the open qualifiers  While 7 teams in Europe West sub-region will qualify in the closed qualifier.

3.2. Terms of participation

  • Squad must consist of 4 players, 3 of them might represent EMEA region (1.9. of regulations). Other 1 player can represent other region.

  • Squads must have at least three players from the Europe West subregion (1.9. of regulations).

  • Players might use only real accounts. Using of fake-accounts can be punished and squad can be disqualified.

  • All participants must be legal to travel to Ukraine for the LAN-finals without any limitations.

  • All participants proceed to Closed quals LAN-Final in Ukraine will be obligated to provide confirmation of the possibility to travel to a country within the Schengen Area to participate in the League.

  • Players nickname should satisfy ethic standards, not consisting of any racial or offensive language, filthy words etc. Players are not allowed to put sponsor’s or gambling sites in nickname and in any other way advertise gambling.

3.3 Legal requirements

Straight after the ending of the online qualifications (but not later than 24 hours after ending of the last match of the online qulifications) all participants of the Tournament are obliged to provide copies of passports or other documents confirming the right to cross the border and enter the country where the offline qualifications are held.

In case of delay in submission of documents by more than 1 day, the Organizer refuses the Team, the Player / Players of which made such a delay, participate in the offline qualifications and chooses the next Team according to the standings, provided that all the Players of the next Team have in the presence of documents required by the Organizer.

4. Server settings and game information

4.1. Server settings:

Server Mode: Esports Mode

Server region: EU depending on the region that is being played

Team: Squad 4P

Player camera restriction: First person only (FPP)

Map option: Sunny

Red zone: Off

Convert dead player to observer: Off

Public spectating: Off

Killer spectating: Off

Flare gun care package: Off

Flare gun: 0x

Level 3 helmet: 0x

Costumes: 0x

Crossbow: 0.1x
Assault rifles: 1.5x

Sniper rifles: 1.3x

DMR rifles: 1.3x

4.2. Circle settings

Circle Number







Land Ratio










































































4.3. Game version

The latest patch version will be used during the tournament.

5. Match results and points

5.1. Each team will be placed according to earned a summary of points in each match. Summary of points -  earned placements points + earned kill points in each match.

5.2. Placement points in match

  1. 400 points

  2. 330 points

  3. 280 points

  4. 240 points

  5. 210 points

  6. 180 points

  7. 150 points

  8. 120 points

  9. 100 points

  10. 80 points

  11. 60 points

  12. 40 points

  13. 30 points

  14. 20 points

  15. 10 points

  16. 0 points

5.3. Kill points

Each kill will earn 16 points for a team.

5.4. In case if two or more teams have the same amount of points, placements will be determined accord to:

  1. Amount of 1st places after all games;

  2. Amount of kills;

  3. Amount of earned Top 3 placements after all games. Point distribution in this case: 1st - 3 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3 place - 1 point;

  4. Average placement after all games.

6. Match start, teams obligations.

6.1. For the first stage (open qualifiers) all games will be played on platform. In 10 minutes before the start of the match, on your bracket page will be listed name and password of the lobby.

6.2. Each team will have 10 minutes to join the lobby. In 10 minutes the game will start automatically and each player who was not able to join on time will miss this game. Teams who were not able to join on time will receive 0 points for this map.      

6.3. Each player should turn on “replay record” option in his client. In case of suspende tournament, organizer can ask to provide replay from a player or whole team. Players should save all replays at least 2 weeks after  the game.

6.4. In case of disconnection of any player during the match, team may continue playing with roster who is still in game, even if player cannot return to game.

6.5. In case if teams will find out an error in points results after match, they should provide replay of the game to referees.

6.6. Restart of the server can be initialized only by referees in case if they understand that technical troubles or other issue happened on server can cause on the result of the game.

6.7. Team representatives are not allowed to provide access to gaming account, lobby password, discord private channels to 3rd persons, not registered for the tournament.

6.8. Observer slots can be filled only by StarLadder admins, observers or other authorized streamers by tournament committee.

6.9. All personal broadcasts is restricted during any stage of the tournament without agreement of main referee.

6.10. Players are not eligible to use any 3rd party software, which can provide any kind of advantage for the players, and restricted to modify game files.

6.11. Using any 3rd party software, Reshade, SweetFX, VibranceGUI and other soft, which is not authorized by game developer can cause in disqualification of the team.

6.12. Using any game bugs is restricted.

6.13. Using cheats for:

  • ESP

  • Radar hack

  • Wallhack

  • Recoil control

  • Speedhack

  • Aimhacks

  • Teleportation

  • Hitbox manipulation

  • Game file editing to remove grass or other aspects from the game

  • other software giving an advantage will cause in disqualification and ban of the team from any PUBG and StarLadder events.

7. Tournament main referee and contacts

7.1. All decisions made by the referee team are final and not discussable.

Rules and Regulations can be modified and changed during the event. All situations not listed in the current document can be treated on the referees mind.